1. 1st Giveaway ever! Just for facebook users for now!
    here´s the link!!!


  4. That would be me. My mother disapproves this. 

    I’m thinking about doing some giveaway custom portrait, maybe for a couple… but I need more followers, so follow me/reblog any post you like to share the love! thanks guys! :D

  5. THE END

    That’s the last illustration I had to finish for my Illustration project.
    I have to do the cover and get it printed now. I’m pretty excited to finally have the book in my hands!

    What do you think Luna and the Queen ant are talking about? :)

  6. Last comission! Just finished. Can you recognize the dresses of the girls?

    If you are interested in getting a personalized portrait (family, couple, single, pets, monsters) just take a look around my Etsy Shop!! :D

  7. Mare Lloba" means "wolf mother" in Catalan.

    I named my Etsy Shop and Brand “Mare Lloba” after this painting. (done last year) inspired at the same time by the great “Bâtard” written by Jack London. 

  8. A beautiful Treasury I’m happy to be part of, thanks to Shani Mifano! 

  9. Original Acrylic Piece, hand-painted by me using acrylics. I’m selling it too!  HERE

  10. Another Beetle, Hand-painted. Original piece for sale. :) Get it HERE